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'Living Room'

May 2020 Installation Shot

Using furniture together with living objects such as plants and slime mould, as well as the use of blob paintings the room is an assemblage of the separate elements of researched pieces. Intentionally repositioning humans into the ecosystem web by creating a synthesis of a domestic living space and immersing it with natural agents the work stimulates an uncanny feeling of being at home but also being uncomfortable. This ‘living room’ forces the viewer to question what makes a domestic space desirable. Changing the way humans interact and engage with real ecology through a ‘deep’ ecological understanding is vital to fully reposition humans back into the web of life.

Final Online Portfolio: Image
Final Online Portfolio: Pro Gallery

Tallest height - 2 metres
Width - 4 metres
Depth - 5 metres
Materials: paint, furniture, soil, cress, other plants

Final Online Portfolio: Text
Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 01.38.34.png
Final Online Portfolio: Image
Final Online Portfolio: Video
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